Time to shut down the big computer. No more desktop until Tuesday and no internet for it probably until Friday at the earliest.

Laptop time!

Two things could happen to encourage Twitter to maintain a Mac app:

  1. Apple takes the ‘app’ part of the Mac more seriously, thus keeping that relevant.
  2. US citizens of Twitter do a better job of taking abuse seriously, thus letting Twitter know that should be the priority.

I set up cross-posting to Twitter from this feed but changed my mind within a couple of days. Micro.blog remains the primary avenue for my micro-blogging; non-automated tweets will be infrequent as it remains lowest priority, my only traditional social media.

Currently watching Google’s Ocotober event and, well, I’m impressed. Certainly looking forward to getting my hands on this stuff.

I recently started running the app for Google import and backups again. It got stuck on the amount of storage for my account (I’m still deciding exactly what I want to use it for) so I changed some settings, gave it time, and it worked it all out. It just worked. :)